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Graphic Design
  1. Drain Werx logo
    Drain Werx logo
    This bright California business owner was looking for a recognizable brand identity for his plumbing company!
  2. 35
    This California DJ uses the slogan "keep every party alive with 35." He needed some visuals to match!
  3. Viva la Vocab
    Viva la Vocab
    I generate fun learning activities with vibrant visuals for a homeschooled student as well as all-age material for teacherspayteachers.com.
  4. 15 year anniversary
    15 year anniversary
    This design was commissioned for a banner celebrating the 15th year of Frank's Pizza and Italian Restaurant running a beloved business in Manville, NJ.
  5. Eggplant Illustration
    Eggplant Illustration
    This poster is a unique illustration created for the owner of Frank's Pizza and Italian Restaurant.
  6. Religion
    This logo is for a podcast discussing the most common questions and misconceptions surrounding religion. It needed to reflect the networking age and the perseverance of the church.
  7. Dr. Feldman's Caricature
    Dr. Feldman's Caricature
    I loved working with Dr. Feldman's team to surprise him with this caricature!
  8. Ocean County Cleaning Service
    Ocean County Cleaning Service
    Visit parkavenueserviceindustries.com to see this logo in action!
  1. Rodney and Toby
    Rodney and Toby
    Rodney is such a colorful guy, I thought I'd paint him and his sidekick in the style of a Van Gogh portrait!
  2. Gucci
    This painting was commissioned by Gucci's mom!
  3. Have you seen these wizards?
    Have you seen these wizards?
    Carly (the blonde dog) has a doggy play friend named Sirius Black! Carly's mom thought it would be fun to give Carly a "Harry Potter" name as well, so we went with Pearltoe because of her one white toe! This painting also contains hidden images: the dealthy hallows symbol, Dumbledore's wand, Harry's iconic glasses and the scar!
  4. Engagement
    Nick and Alessandra got engaged during one of the classes I teach at Wine and Design! Naturally, Nick commissioned an original painting of the ring to help him make an impression!
  5. High Violet - Flood Town
    High Violet - Flood Town
    The band High Violet named their first album after their hometown, Bound Brook, NJ, which is one square mile, known for not much other than flooding! This painting represents the feeling of being on the verge of a big splash and the edgy, alternative music that inspired the album.
  6. Psychic Vibes
    Psychic Vibes
    This painting was made for Wine and Design Monroe's original "Paint your Destiny" night!
  7. Sam and Ramy
    Sam and Ramy
    A commissed painting for Sam and Ramy's wedding anniversary!
  8. April's butterfly
    April's butterfly
    A commemorative painting inspired by a display of rows of shoes and flags outside Zarephath church in Manville, NJ.
  1. Struggle
  2. Toms River
    Toms River
  3. Sky Glow
    Sky Glow
  4. Steps
  5. Rainbow Chasers
    Rainbow Chasers
  6. Nose Lick
    Nose Lick
  7. Selena
  8. Swamp dancer
    Swamp dancer
  9. Lew and MaryAnn
    Lew and MaryAnn
  10. Looking Up
    Looking Up
  11. Ariel
  12. Dave and Maple, in fall
    Dave and Maple, in fall
  13. Dwarf Life
    Dwarf Life
  14. Curious Pup
    Curious Pup
  15. Vacation
  16. Helping Hand in Oregon
    Helping Hand in Oregon
Motion Graphics
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