1. A True Story!
    A True Story!
    The series follows an old, forgotten van (Maggie May) and her rescue dog (Piccolo) as they overcome life's challenges with friendship and self-acceptance.
  2. Maggie May & Piccolo Too!
    Maggie May & Piccolo Too!
    Click on the circles below to learn more!!!
  3. You can meet the real Piccolo!
    You can meet the real Piccolo!
    Frank and Shelby travel in Maggie May with Piccolo to give readings!!!
  4. Maggie May's Inspiration!
    Maggie May's Inspiration!
    Frank's son Joshua discovered Maggie May and dreamed of getting her back on the road before leaving his life to go work with the Master Mechanic on January 4, 2010.

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Be sure to include in the message whether you would like your copy signed by the author, illustrator, or both!! 

$15 for one book; $17 signed by author; $19 signed by team 

Meet the Author!

He's an Irish madman with a dream; he is the director of a large candy manufacturing company, and his motorcycle buddies call him "Preacher"...SAY HELLO to the author of our series:


I'm your Illustrator!

She is a recent college graduate of Visual Arts at Rutgers. Working on this project has shown her daring to dream can turn your whole life upside-down...SAY HELLO to the illustrator of our series: