Baron tracing the fallen leaves

Meeting Mr. Fred the Cat

The Amazing, Haunted
House Painting!

Could this be a black widow spider???
We were jumping up and down when we spotted this HUGE spider under a block in the backyard. But it's a good thing we kept our distance, because this could have been one of the most DANGEROUS spiders in all of North America: the black widow!
This preying mantis has a clever disguise for hanging out in the grass, but that green color stands out on the fence!! 

...and his portrait of his teacher... 
Perfect for National Sarcasm Month
Playing Soccer with a Rotten Pumpkin!
Adventures Behind the Fence
Ant and a Surprise
While watching an ant, we met a new bug!
That ugly little worm-like thing is a maggot! Maggots eat dead and rotting things.
Spooky Spider!
Watch it tumble down as Baron taps it with the drum stick!
What an interesting pattern on its back!
<--This Bee was HUGE
This bee is collecting nectar in the garden. It was so big, Baron ran away!!! 
Even fake Halloween spider webs can catch bugs! -->
We saw this perfectly intact bee stuck on the spider web Halloween decorations on the garden! Some hungry spider will be very happy!
This Stink bug was on the window -->
Because we were on the inside of the window, we got to look close up at this stink bug's underside. You can count its six legs, and you can see it fly away!!