Which clock is digital?

Which one is digital?

Digital music 
is music that is turned into numbers (digits)
for the purpose of programming with a computer!

Check out our friend the vulture, who was programmed to dance to Imagine Dragons.

The code might look something like this:

if [music volume is less than 1] then
       turn vulture head

if [keyboard sound is greater than 1] then
       vulture bounce up and down

if [human voice pitch is greater than 5] then
       vulture fly away

Baron acting like a programmer!

...and some sort of wacky explorer!!

Some cool photography by Baron!

Check out the world's most hilarious drop kick!

Sometimes art is unconventional...

Stage one of our February art project is the background!

LED = light emitting diode

LEDs are commonly used today!

The very small particles (electrons) stream through the metal in wires.

The outer layer (insulator) is made of a material that does not allow electrons to move as freely as the metal wire.

Atoms are in all matter in the universe. 

Even Baron is made up of tiny atoms.

Baron wants to know how his LED Moving Head lights work!

It's pretty complicated...

It all begins with the atom!

This is an atom.

Look for the negatively charged "electrons" in the atom. They are the tiny particles that can create electricity.

For some world perspective, we went on Dollarstreet.com to check out some everyday technology being used in countries of the world, based on income. Some of these toilets are not so pretty. We are very lucky!

February is technology month!

Art/Crafts (tekhnē)   +   Science (logic)   =   Technology