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An invertebrate is an animal with no back bone.

Animals are grouped into two groups: vertebrates or invertebrates.

A vertebrate is an animal that does have a back bone. 
People, cats and dogs have back bones, so we are all vertebrates.

Insects do not have back bones.
That means all insects are invertebrates.

Those other bugs we've studied, like spiders and slugs, are also invertebrates.

Today, we will study some new creatures from the ocean that are invertebrates.

Meet the jellyfish and the starfish!
  1. Bees have no back bone
    Bees have no back bone
  2. Spiders have no backbone.
    Spiders have no backbone.
  3. Jellyfish have no backbone.
    Jellyfish have no backbone.
  4. Slugs have no backbone.
    Slugs have no backbone.
  5. Moths have no backbone.
    Moths have no backbone.
  6. Starfish have no backbone.
    Starfish have no backbone.


And a baby jellyfish...

The Life Cycle of a Jellyfish

A jellyfish has two phases, or parts of its life cycle.

A jellyfish is stationary in its phase as a polyp. Stationary means it does not move.

It is mobile in its phase as a medusa. Mobile means it moves freely.

Jellyfish movements inspired a new way to fly

Starfish Walking
Starfish are Polite