Shelby Van Cleef

painting and digital art

  1. What are pixels?
    What are pixels?
    A closer look at how images appear on the screens we look at every day
  2. "Digital" Review
    "Digital" Review
    We close up our intro to technology by looking at what it means to make something "digital"
  3. Intro to Mammals
    Intro to Mammals
  4. Cats and Dogs
    Cats and Dogs
  1. 0
    What is technology?
    Intro to tech around the world!
  2. Morbi nunc odi
    What is electricity?
    What makes some technology work?
  3. Morbi nunc odi
    What is programming?
    A brief look at some coding!
January Schedule
  1. Welcome Back!
    JAN. 3
    Welcome Back!
    How was your winter break? Make your own lungs balloon experiment Respiratory System
  2. Digestive System
    JAN. 8
    Digestive System
    Learn some vital organs!
  3. JAN. 22
    More Body Systems
    Muscular System & Skeletal System
  4. Happy M.L.K. Day!
    JAN. 17
    Happy M.L.K. Day!
    We're off on Monday! When we come back: Heart and Circulatory System
  5. END
    Super Exciting Project
    Can we use our art project to summarize what we have learned?
  6. Nervous System
    JAN. 29
    Nervous System
    How we feel and interact with the world
  1. Week of December 4th
    Morbi nunc odi
    Review of the Ocean
  2. Week of December 11th
    Morbi nunc odi
    Christmas Traditions
  3. Week of December 18th
    Morbi nunc odi
    Around the World!
Baron's November Schedule
  1. Wednesday 1st
    NOV. 1
    Wednesday 1st
    Invertebrates 1: Starfish, jellyfish,
  2. Monday 6th
    NOV. 6
    Monday 6th
    Invertebrates 2: Giant squid, bioluminescence
  3. Wednesday 8th
    NOV. 8
    Wednesday 8th
    Invertebrates 3: Octopus
  4. Monday 20th
    NOV. 20
    Monday 20th
    Marine Mammals: Dolphins, Sea Otters, Whales
  5. Wednesday 15th
    NOV. 15
    Wednesday 15th
    Santa project 1
  6. Monday 27th
    NOV. 27
    Monday 27th
    Sharks and Rays
  7. Monday 30th
    OCT. 30
    Monday 30th
    Intro to Ocean Creatures: A quick look underwater and at deep-sea diving technology
  8. Wednesday 29th
    NOV. 29
    Wednesday 29th
    Marine Mammals: Dolphins, Sea Otters, Whales
  9. Monday 13th
    NOV. 13
    Monday 13th
    Intro to Vertebrate Ocean Fishes
  10. Wednesday 22nd
    NOV. 22
    Wednesday 22nd
    Quick Review before Thanksgiving
Baron's Schedule for September:
  1. Intro to Bugs/Insects
    SEPT. 11
    Intro to Bugs/Insects
    This is our first full week. We will be learning about what makes a bug a bug!
  2. All about bees!
    SEPT. 18
    All about bees!
    We will get to learn about the amazing life cycle of a bee, how they work together in the hive, and how they make bhoney!
  3. Caterpillars/butterflies
    SEPT. 25
    We will learn how a tiny caterpillar TRANSFORMS into a beautiful butterfly!
  4. Beetles/ladybugs
    OCT. 2
    All about beetles and ladybugs and what amazing survivors they are!
  5. Grasshoppers/crickets
    OCT. 9
    Crickets and grasshoppers chirping the night away!
  6. Ants
    OCT. 16
    Learn why many ants are better than just one!!
  7. Spiders
    OCT. 23
    Spiders and the webs they weave...just in time for Halloween!!!
    OCT. 30
    Let's review what we've learned...and show off our awesome PROJECT!
  9. Hanging out!
    AUG. 28
    Hanging out!
    August 28th is all about getting to know each other and getting ready to start the learning adventures ahead of us!
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