Hey there,

I'm Shelby! 

About Me

I love teaching digital and traditional art!
As a freelance artist, I am receptive to all kinds of nutty ideas, specializing in the kinds of gifts that make people smile! I work with paint, photoshop, illustrator, moving images and more, and I am open to any media that suits the job in front of me. Contact me, and let's get to work brainstorming!

Art Parties

    I have taught classes of more than 60 people at once, always having a great time entertaining and getting to know new art-party enthusiasts!
  2. The Next Generation!
    The Next Generation!
    I love working with kids because I have the energy of a kid at heart!! The creativity of kids always blows me away!!
  3. We've had special events!!!
    We've had special events!!!
    Our studio is a staple in the community, and we've even helped execute some of its most intimate moments!
  4. On Wheels!
    On Wheels!
    As lead artist at the studio, I was trusted to run the show independently at restaurants, bars, country clubs and other venues throughout New Jersey. I got to meet people of so many different walks of life!
  5. Paint Your Destiny
    Paint Your Destiny
    I helped organize creative events to set our studio apart from others, like "Paint Your Destiny Night," when we invited a psychic to the studio to give readings that would influence the painting that night!!
Learn more about my ADVENTURES as a children's book illustrator!
That's me inside the REAL
Maggie May van!