Hey there, Neighbor!
   I'm Shelby. 
As a freelance artist, I am receptive to all kinds of nutty ideas, specializing in the kinds of gifts that make people smile! I work with paint, photoshop, illustrator, moving images and more, and I am open to any media that suits the job in front of me. Contact me, and let's get to work brainstorming!

Shelby Van Cleef

It's solar eclipse day, 2017, and I am an artist looking for a great job. 

I have excellent social skills and a knack for getting along with every person that I meet, because I view every new interaction as an opportunity to learn something new and useful. My focus while pursuing my Bachelor’s in Visual Arts was in digital media, specifically video editing. As a freelance graphic designer, I am open to all sorts of ideas and am willing to work hard to see someone else’s dream come to life.

....loves you already.
I am a natural caretaker and am always looking for new ways to inspire others to appreciate art! I am a working artist and painting instructor acting as the face of the brand and studio at Wine & Design in Monroe. Our studio has 5 star reviews on Facebook and a dearly beloved regular client base who cant get enough of the energetic and fun way that I run the show, turning every painting process into an adventure! This year, I will be enforcing the homeschooling curriculum of an awesome second grader by organizing weekly creative theme activities and guided learning. I also generate fun learning activities with vibrant visuals for my student as well as all-age material for teacherspayteachers.com. I am the illustrator of a children's book, a freelance graphic designer and proficient in Adobe Suites. I am currently seeking part/full time employment near my home in Toms River, NJ.