my creative neighbor

wears many different hats...
Hi! I'm Shelby. I am a college graduate working part-time as a recreational painting teacher and caretaker. As a freelance artist, I am receptive to all kinds of nutty ideas, specializing in the kinds of gifts that make people smile! Contact me, and let's get to work brainstorming!
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  2. Painter
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Photo Play
Brand Identity
Photo manipulations, collages, caricatures from photos,
photos-to-fashion creative scrapbooking, etc.
Children's books, book covers/jackets, album covers,
other mixed-media work...
Logos, business cards, posters, fliers, t-shirts, graphic design/other business needs...
Portraits of your pets, portraits of your people, murals on the walls, murals on your steeple...!
  1. "Carly Wins!"
  2. "Love me?"
  3. WnD boss!
  4. Drain Werx logo
  5. Eggplant parm!
  6. "Pearltoe and Padfoot"
  7. The Adventures of Maggie May and Piccolo Too!
  8. 15 years, Franks Pizza Manville
  9. Mi Casita Home Improvements
  10. "Return of the Jedi" - Laura's family portrait
  11. High Violet - Flood Town
  12. Gucci, Immortalized
  13. Crusaders Shield
  14. "Paint your Destiny"
  15. "American Lady Butterfly"
  16. A page from The Adventures of Maggie May and Piccolo Too!
  17. Rodney and Toby, Portrait as Van Gogh
  18. Rachel's Lovely Family
  19. Caricature for a supportive neighbor!
  20. Drake, ripped magazine portrait
  21. Dave, ripped magazine portrait
  22. Associated Student Body
  23. Maple Meets Piccolo
  24. Simon Family, painted on mirror
Lets Get Started
Even if you aren't sure where you want to begin, message your artistic needs to my email for a free creativity consultation! All commissions of artwork begin with an engaging discourse with the artist so that the finishing product is everything you imagined and more!